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Up at 3am, drive 6 hours, 3 games. Rise, Grind, tagup, Shine.

Leveling the playing field.

Covering the gap between talent and opportunity.

As a player, tagup offers you a centralized experience, a single stop for everything you need to optimize your career. At our core we are driven by individualization, and that means delivering a universal tool that will benefit every player at every level. tagup is the top social site for softball players, giving players a space to upload and share their plays and connect with players, coaches, and recruits. This is your sport; we have built the space it deserves. Welcome home.

How it Works

Your Talent, Our Technology & Tools, Community and Sharing


Create your profile. Sections for Player Info, Player Status, School Info, Academic Info, Summer Team Info, Player Gear


Download the App. Developed exclusively for tagupShowcase for iOS & Android to capture your live action Plays.



tagup your plays. Offensively: Hit Type, Result, On the Bases. Defensively: Position, Hit Type, Result & On the Bases.


Grow your followers. Showcase your talents. Create custom titles. tagup your plays and share on social media.


Exactly What You’re Looking For. The search engine that will drive your recruiting research. An Invaluable Tool Focused on What Matters to You.


NextGen Exposure & Recruiting. Exponentially increase your reach. There’s No Place Like Showcase. The feature that will take you coast to coast.


Rise up the ranks. Players with the top tagupPlay types. Contend, Ascend, and Defend. The key to solidifying your status as a must-see athlete.


Player metrics ranking.  All athletes with the top metrics.  Undeniable and quantifiable.  The eye in the sky don’t lie.


Instantly send your custom built playlists to recruiters at a click of a button. Filters for Division, Conference and State.


We understand the importance of sharing your games live for family members and fans.  tagupStream is FREE!


Extensive Player Profile Data

Complete, Detailed Profile. Player Info - Status - School Info - Academic - Travel/Club Info - Social Media.


A space to call your own.

Your Very Own Channel to showcase your talents. Highly customizable view by, Videos - Playlists - Games - Favorites - Discussions.

tagupCam Mobile App

Developed Exclusively for tagup to Capture Content and Fuel your Channel.


Pitch by Pitch, merged into one At Bat


tagup your Plays right from the App


Descriptive titles generated on the fly


Automatically uploaded to your channel


The key to feeding your channel, and solidifying your status as a must-see athlete

The premium feature that sparked the name of our company, tagupPlays is the component that allows players to claim their game and integrate themselves into the tagup database. tagupPlays focuses on the details, providing its users with the opportunity to categorize each play through a multitude of different tags. Using tagupPlays guarantees peak exposure by giving players a spot in the tagupShowcase and increases the chance that their best plays will achieve ultimate exposure by solidifying their spot on the Stadium page.


Hit Type


On the Bases


Hit Type



On the Bases


Contend, Defend, Ascend

Custom ranking list for Offensive and Defensive tagups. Filter by state, primary position, graduation year and player status.


Rise up the Ranks

Custom ranking list for metrics. Categories include Speed, Agility, Throwing, Swing, Pitching, Catching and Strength.


Player Profile Database for Recruiters

Athlete Database. GPA, ACT, SAT, State, Status, Bats/Throws, Primary Position, Secondary Position, Grad Year, Summer Team. Your Pipeline to Every Player


Player Video Database for Recruiters

NextGen Digital Exposure & Recruiting. Search video database by User Type, Users, Graduation Year, Player Status, Offense and Defense. Exponentially increasing your reach.


A Custom Video Intro of You!

Post your Personality. Give the tagup community an in depth, up close, personal, inside look at what makes your journey your own.


Free and Premium Player Websites

Your very own personal website to showcase your talents. Customizable and fully dynamic.


Promotion that Matches your Devotion!

Send your best moments to the next level. Boost your Brand. Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle. Grab your dream team’s attention with tagupPromote.

tagupPlayer Pricing


You'll Never See a Better Pitch, Take a Swing.

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