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*School players will have an option to add their travel/club team in the following steps.

* Please use the player's email address, not the parent.


*To register as a 'Recruiter' (college coach), you must use your school email address.

*Attempts with no school email address will be rejected.


Parent will be required later. This will allow you to log in directly on behalf of the player.

*If the player does not have an email address, you may use a parent email address.

You can only register when your College/University has a team account. Once they have completed their registration, you will be invited to activate your account on tagup.

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How do I get my free website?

All paid plans include a FREE website! Your website will be automatically created once you purchase a plan.

Who is a 'Spectator' account for?

Friends and extended family, or if you just love to watch softball! Do NOT select this option if you are a parent of a player, as you will be provided access with your own email address.

My child does not have an email address, how can I register?

You can either setup an email address for them, or use another parent email address.  All email addresses must be unique.

How many videos can I upload to my channel on the FREE plan?

You are allowed to upload up to 10 videos on the free plan with a duration of up to 180 seconds each.

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